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About Us

McJING Tools was set up in 1995 when Max and his wife Jane were engineering in China. They graduated from university in the field of Engineering and Tools-Making. The business started off in a small shop in Belmore NSW (approx 36m square ) and gradually thrived over the years. In 2000 McJING Tools moved to a new premises  in Yagoona NSW and now supplies over  three thousand products. They also participate in Woodworking and Engineering Exhibitions all around Australia. McJING Tools have always focus on providing best Quality and Economy for money.

McJING Tools is open 6 days a week ( Mon-Fri 9am-4.30pm  ) ( Sat 9am-12.30pm ) and have a free detailed catalogue of many of their goods as well as mail order to anywhere in Australia ( phone or fax order ) 

Our address :  454 Hume Highway(Liverpool Rd) . YAGOONA    NSW 2199

Corner of Cooper Rd

Tel: 02-9709 8805    Fax: 02- 9709 8831

454 HUME HWY. YAGOONA 2199 NSW TEL:(02)9709 8805 FAX:(02)9709 8831