All Aluminium Alloy Adjustable Drill Guide

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All Aluminium Alloy, 10mm Chuck
Item: AADG-10
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From $125.00

This Adjustable Aluminium Drill Guide comes with a keyway chuck, tapered depth control shaft and limit ring, spring rotation, reversible chuck bracket, built in V groove, alignment and adjustable fence. Made from ABS body, light and strong it has a chuck clamping range of 1.5~10mm.

Facilitates Center Drilling: The V shaped groove on the base allows center drilling of round materials, such as dowels.

Clear and Accurate Scale: The drilling guide adopts a clear and accurate scale, which can adjust according to the thickness of the wood for accurate alignment.

Fast and Firm Clamping: Equipped with a quick clamping device for fast and firm clamping. With 1/4in(about 0.6 cm) hex shaft, can be used with cordless and wired drilling machines and impact drills.

Larger Chip Removal Speed: The pin clamp has a larger chip removal speed, faster chips smooth, more labor saving drilling, and improving work efficiency.

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