Alloy Ratchet Nut Handle

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Size & SKU Stock Weight Unit Price Qty
M6 x Nut 10 x 25 x 50mm
Item: RHM6N10.
In Stock 80g
From $8.00
M8 x Nut 12 x 30 x 70mm
Item: RHM8N12.
In Stock 100g
From $9.00
M10 x Nut 14 x 35 x 90mm
Item: RHM10N14.
In Stock 120g
From $10.00
M12 x Nut 16 x 40 x 110mm
Item: RHM12N16
In Stock 150g
From $12.00
M16 x Nut 20 x 50 x 125mm
Item: RHM16N20.
In Stock 200g
From $14.00

Thread  x  Nut Length  x  Height  x  Handle Length

The Ratchet Handle is made of high quality zinc alloy and the surface is coated with a hard coating or black for durability and rust protection. By pressing the button, the handle can be turned to the desired position. 

The Internal Return Spring automatically grips the teeth, the handle can then be locked in its original position. Suitable for use in machine design, tool making and plant design, heavy duty applications.

The Handle is angled upwards at 20 degrees.

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