Aluminum Right Angle Corner Bracket

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20 x 20 x 17mm for 2020 (Pack 4)
Item: RAC2020
In Stock 80g
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35 x 35 x 28mm for 3030 (Pack 4)
Item: RAC2828
In Stock 90g
From $10.00
40 x 40 x 35mm for 4040 (Pack 4)
Item: RAC3535
In Stock 100g
From $12.00

Length x Breadth x Width

This is a set of right angle corner brackets with oval mounting holes.

Made from high quality aluminum alloy, these corner brackets are durable and widely used to reinforce right angle corner joints of doors, windows, furniture, etc.

Convenient to use, they can be simply fastened with bolts and nuts, bolts and nuts are not included.

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