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Auger Bit (Single Flute)

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Size & SKU Stock Weight Unit Price Qty
8 X 191mm
Item: 1070-8
In Stock 120g
From $10.00
10 X 191mm
Item: 1070-10
In Stock 180g
From $11.00
10 X 460mm
Item: 1071-10
In Stock 220g
From $15.00
12 X 235mm
Item: 1070-12
In Stock 200g
From $12.00
12 X 460mm
Item: 1071-12
In Stock 250g
From $16.00
14 X 235mm
Item: 1070-14
In Stock 320g
From $13.00
14 X 460mm
Item: 1071-14
In Stock 300g
From $17.00
16 X 460mm
Item: 1071-16
In Stock 300g
From $18.00
18 X 460mm
Item: 1071-18
In Stock 360g
From $20.00
20 X 235mm
Item: 1070-20
In Stock 350g
From $14.00
20 X 460mm
Item: 1071-20
In Stock 380g
From $22.00
7/8" X 235mm
Item: 1070-22
In Stock 360g
From $18.00
1" X 235mm
Item: 1070-25
In Stock 390g
From $20.00

Made of High Carbon Steel, these standard Auger Bits are single flute with screw point head. This allows the bit to pull into the wood so apply minimal pressure or the wood may chip as you drill.

We also have 2 flute Auger bits for select sizes, these drill more effectively for larger sizes.

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