Luban Bronze Block Plane

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#101 brass body (22)30x85mm (20° Standard)
Item: QSBP101
In Stock 300g
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#102 brass body (32)38x135mm (20° Standard)
Item: QSBP102
In Stock 500g
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This finely crafted Luban Block Plane is designed for general purpose smoothing and shaping, paring end grain, cleaning up components by removing thin shavings. With a beauty bronze body, it is traditionally carried in the apron pocket, ready for immediate and frequent use.

Compact and easy to use with one hand, it has a 20° T10 bevel up blade bedded at 12°. it has a low ratio type 3 adjuster. It may be used to fine tune joinery or sliding components to achieve the desired fit; or to take tiny threads off sharp corners to strengthen them.

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