Carbide Tipped Forstner Bit

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15x90mm 8mm shank
Item: 1028-15
In Stock 50g
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20x90mm 8mm shank
Item: 1028-20
In Stock 55g
From $18.00
25x90mm 8mm shank
Item: 1028-25
In Stock 60g
From $22.00
30x90mm 10mm shank
Item: 1028-30
In Stock 65g
From $24.00
32x90mm 10mm shank
Item: 1028-32
In Stock 80g
From $25.00
35x90mm 10mm shank
Item: 1028-35
In Stock 100g
From $28.00
36x90mm 10mm shank
Item: 1028-36
In Stock 110g
From $30.00
38x110mm 10mm shank
Item: 1028-38
In Stock 200g
From $32.00
40x90mm 10mm shank
Item: 1028-40
In Stock 260g
From $33.00
45x90mm 10mm shank
Item: 1028-45
In Stock 300g
From $35.00
50x90mm 10mm shank
Item: 1028-50
In Stock 330g
From $37.00
60x160mm 1/2" shank
Item: 1028-60
In Stock 550g
From $45.00
65x160mm 1/2" shank
Item: 1028-65
In Stock 600g
From $48.00
70x160mm 1/2" shank
Item: 1028-70
Out of Stock 650g
From $52.00
70x90mm 1/2" shank
Item: 1028-70S
In Stock 480g
From $48.00
75x160mm 1/2" shank
Item: 1028-75
In Stock 700g
From $55.00
75x90mm 1/2" shank
Item: 1028-75S
In Stock 560g
From $52.00
80x160mm 1/2" shank
Item: 1028-80
In Stock 750g
From $59.00
80x90mm 1/2" shank
Item: 1028-80S
In Stock 600g
From $55.00

Diameter x Overall x Shank

The Carbide tipped forstner bits are for hard wood and significantly more durable than your standard forstner bits.

Recommended to use only on your drill press or lathe at 300 ~ 500 rpm to get the best longevity out of these bits.

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