CBN Grinding Wheel

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D150 x W25 x B12.7mm G180
Item: CBN150G180
In Stock 1900g
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D150 x W38 (Recess Bush W25) x B15.88mm G180
Item: CBN150WG180
In Stock 2400g
From $189.00
D200 x W25 x B15.88 G180
Item: CBN200G180W25
In Stock 3600g
From $199.00
D200 x W38 (Recess Bush W25) x B15.88mm G180
Item: CBN200G180
In Stock 4500g
From $219.00
D200 x W38 (Recess Bush W25) x B15.88mm G80
Item: CBN200G80
In Stock 4500g
From $219.00

Diameter x Width x Bore,   Grit

CBN is Cubic Boron Nitride. With these grinding wheels, you don't have to worry about dressing or shaping like typical aluminum oxide wheels. It's perfect for sharpening HSS turning tools.

You will achieve a super fine, sharp edge with polished bevel on either hardened tool steel or carbide. CBN Grinding Wheel are very quiet, produce very little sparks and generate very little heat when sharpening. The steel wheel body has a hollow recess bushing to make it light.

Sharpening is done the same way as a conventional stone grinding wheel with up to 3000rpm and light pressure.

Made in China - DMD Tools

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