Chain Drive Vice Hardware Kit

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2Pc TR26x 5x 500mm Acme Screw / Nut / T-Handle, 2Pc Sprocket, 1Pc Chain
Item: CDHK26500
In Stock 8000g
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2Pc-Sprocket 08B-1-12T X 20mm Bore, M8 Grab Screw, 1PC 08B X 1200mm Roller Chain
Item: SC08B1200
In Stock 1300g
From $50.00

Use this twin screw kit to build your own chain driven parallel vice for your workbench. This kit provides everything you need to get started featuring a TR26x5x500mm Acme screw rod with a 20mm shaft that is mounted into the supplied 20mm bores.

Some people like to use one T-Handle and the other side make your own thread and put lock nut on.

Also contains the 1200mm chain which allows a 550mm overall vice width.  The chain drive creates a smooth and parallel open/closing motion. This is all mounted onto your own wood or material for a project you will be proud of.                                                 

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