Changeable Carbide Holder & Tips Set (Cross Back)

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9.5x170mm Holder with Five Tips
Item: CCTH10170
In Stock 250g
From $80.00
12.5x300mm Holder with Five Tips
Item: CCTH13300
In Stock 400g
From $95.00
9.5x9.5x170mm Holder
Item: CCH10-170
In Stock 200g
From $30.00
12.5x12.5x300mm Holder
Item: CCH13-300
In Stock 350g
From $40.00
5pcs Tips & Screw, Key
Item: CCTS-5P
In Stock 80g
From $60.00

This new holder design features an innovative cross groove along with each interchangeable tip having a molded cross bead to sit properly and stop tip movement. This set includes 5 carbide tips which can be rotated 90 degrees multiple times for extra usage.

Holder sizes are 9.5 x 9.5 x 170mm or 12.5 x 12.5 x 300mm with 12.5mm round shank while tips come in 5 sizes: One Round 12mm, One Round 16mm, One 11x11mm Square, One 11x11mm Square with large radius and One Diamond 10x27mm.

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