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Luban Smoothing Plane Lever Cap

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Lever-Cap Stainless Steel (51x125mm) Suits #4 #5 Plane
Item: LCS51125
In Stock 150g
From $38.00
Lever-Cap Stainless Steel (60x135mm) Suits #6 #7 Plane
Item: LCS60125
Out of Stock 160g
From $45.00

These Chip-Breaker / Lever Caps are genuine Luban replacement parts to partner with the iron on Luban planes.

While the iron shaves thin layers of wood from a workpiece, the chip breaker, located on top of the iron and beneath the lever cap when the plane is assembled, breaks or folds the shaving before it can gain too much leverage and possibly cause a split in the wood.

The Chip Breaker comes with a M8 screw.

The lever cap acts like a clamp, holding the chip breaker and the iron beneath it in position.

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