Clutched Pipe Clamp & Pipe

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Size & SKU Stock Weight Unit Price Qty
1/2" Clutched Pipe Clamp
Item: CPC-12
In Stock 1000g
From $18.00
3/4" Clutched Pipe Clamp
Item: CPC-34
In Stock 2000g
From $20.00
900mm 1/2" PIPE (one side thread) Suit CPC-12
Item: P12900
In Stock 1500g
From $19.00
1200mm 3/4" PIPE (one side thread) Suit CPC-34
Item: P341200
Out of Stock 2500g
From $25.00
RATCHET DIE STOCKS (Economy)1/2" 3/4" Pipe thread cutting
Item: HA75862D..
In Stock 2600g
From $65.00

This clutched pipe clamp kit features taller base castings providing clearance and safeguarding against skinned knuckles when tightening these clamps. 

Multiple disc clutch grips the pipe at any position and provides easy release and adjustment. Length of clamp only limited by the pipe you use. Baked enamel finish for durability.

Pipe is not included with the clamp but you can order them together.

CPC-12  for 1/2" Pipe P12900  

CPC-34  for 3/4" Pipe P341200

HA75862D Ratched Die Stocks for 1/2" ,3/4" NPT Pipe thread cutting, Suit  standard 1/2", 3/4" pipe clamps.

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