Clutched Quick Action Clamp

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60 x 100mm wooden handle.
Item: AFC60100
In Stock 400g
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65 x 150mm wooden handle
Item: AFC65150
In Stock 500g
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60 x 200mm wooden handle
Item: AFC60200
In Stock 600g
From $18.00
65 x 300mm wooden handle
Item: AFC65300
In Stock 800g
From $20.00
65 x 400mm wooden handle
Item: AFC65400
Out of Stock 900g
From $22.00
65 x 600mm Red plastic handle
Item: AFC65600.
Out of Stock 1000g
From $24.00
65 x 900mm Red plastic handle
Item: AFC65900.
In Stock 1100g
From $26.00

Throat Depth x Maximum Opening

These USA Style Quick Action Clutched "F" clamps are used by woodworkers and cabinet-makers alike. They are easy to open and close and suitable for close quarters clamping. 

The clutched trigger holds securely at any point along the steel bar and provides over 500lb of clamping pressure. 

All sizes come with a 2-3/4" reach and Acme threaded for quick adjustment.

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