Concealed Barrel Hinges (Large)

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8x20mm (pack 2) no tensioning screw
Item: CBH0820
In Stock 40g
From $6.00
10x22mm (pack 2) Min. Thickness 13mm
Item: CBH1022
In Stock 60g
From $8.00
12x27mm (pack 2) Min. Thickness 16mm
Item: CBH1227
In Stock 80g
From $10.00
14x30mm (pack 2) Min. Thickness 19mm
Item: CBH1430
In Stock 90g
From $12.00
16x33mm (pack 2) Min. Thickness 22mm
Item: CBH1633
In Stock 100g
From $16.00
18x36mm (pack 2) Min. Thickness 25mm
Item: CBH1836
In Stock 180g
From $25.00
24x42mm (pack 2) Min. Thickness 32mm
Item: CBH2442
In Stock 230g
From $35.00

Diameter x Overall Length

Concealed Barrel Hinges are made of solid brass with brass links. They are totally invisible from either side when the door is closed.

The Hinges are easily installed, just drill to the proper size and insert the hinge. Secure mounting in the wood door or panel assured by tightening the tensioning screw.

To accommodate high loadings, the cylinders can be additionally secured by installing a chipboard or wood screw in the groove on the exposed end.

The 8x20mm size has no space to put the tensioning screws in, but it has two side half countersink groove for wood screw (half in wood).

10x22mm and larger size come with one tensioning screw and one side half countersink groove.

Note: To install these effectively, drill a hole the exact diameter of the hinge, loosen the tension screw first then insert hinge. Tighten the tension screw again to securely hold the hinge in place.

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