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Core Box Bit

From $18.00
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Size & SKU Stock Weight Unit Price Qty
D6.3mm x H5mm x 1/4" Shank
Item: JL6415
In Stock 50g
From $18.00
D9.5mm x H8mm x 1/4" Shank
Item: JL6416
Out of Stock 50g
From $19.00
D13mm x H10mm x 1/4" Shank
Item: JL6417
In Stock 60g
From $20.00
D16mm x H14mm x 1/4" Shank
Item: JL6420
In Stock 60g
From $22.00
D19mm x H16mm x 1/4" Shank
Item: JL6418
In Stock 70g
From $24.00
D6.3mm x H5mm x 1/2" Shank
Item: JL8715
In Stock 60g
From $20.00
D9.5mm x H8mm x 1/2" Shank
Item: JL8716
In Stock 60g
From $20.00
D13mm x H10mm x 1/2" Shank
Item: JL8717
In Stock 70g
From $22.00
D19mm x H16mm x 1/2" Shank
Item: JL8718
In Stock 80g
From $26.00
D22mm x H18mm x 1/2" Shank
Item: JL8720
In Stock 90g
From $28.00
D25mm x H20mm x 1/2" Shank
Item: JL8719
In Stock 90g
From $30.00
D28mm x H25mm x 1/2" Shank
Item: JL8723
In Stock 100g
From $33.00
D32mm x H27mm x 1/2" Shank
Item: JL8721
In Stock 100g
From $36.00
D38mm x H30mm x 1/2" Shank
Item: JL8722
In Stock 100g
From $39.00

Large Diameter x Carbide Height x Shank

2 flute, carbide tipped. These plunging cutter can be used for reeding, fluting, veining, grooving and general ornamentation where around bottom groove is desired.

JL8723 is used for cutting musical wooden flutes.

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