Countersink (Three Flute)

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90° x 3-flute x 2~6.3mm x 5mm shank
Item: 1113-6.3
In Stock 40g
From $10.00
90° x 3-flute x 3~8.3mm x 6mm shank
Item: 1113-8.3
In Stock 50g
From $11.00
90° x 3-flute x 3~10.4mm x 6mm shank
Item: 1113-10.4
In Stock 70g
From $12.00
90° x 3-flute x 3~12.4mm x 8mm shank
Item: 1113-12.4
In Stock 90g
From $15.00
90° x 3-flute x 3~16.5mm x 10mm shank
Item: 1113-16.5
In Stock 110g
From $18.00
90° x 3-flute x 4~20.5mm x 10mm shank
Item: 1113-20.5
In Stock 120g
From $20.00
90° x 3-flute x 4~25mm x 12mm shank
Item: 1113-25
In Stock 140g
From $28.00

Degree x Flute x Hole Range x Shank

Three flute countersink bits made from quality High Speed Steel. For general purpose applications metal, mild steel etc.

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