Diamond Core Bit

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51x450mm 1-1/4” UNC
Item: DCB51450
In Stock 400g
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63x450mm 1-1/4” UNC
Item: DCB63450
In Stock 600g
From $70.00
76x450mm 1-1/4” UNC
Item: DCB76450
In Stock 800g
From $80.00
89x450mm 1-1/4” UNC
Item: DCB89450
In Stock 1100g
From $99.00
102x450mm 1-1/4” UNC
Item: DCB102450
In Stock 1400g
From $120.00
127x450mm 1-1/4” UNC
Item: DCB127450
In Stock 1800g
From $150.00
152x450mm 1-1/4” UNC
Item: DCB152450
In Stock 2800g
From $180.00
180x450mm 1-1/4” UNC
Item: DCB180450
In Stock 3500g
From $200.00
200x450mm 1-1/4” UNC
Item: DCB200450
In Stock 4000g
From $230.00
245x450mm 1-1/4” UNC
Item: DCB245450
In Stock 4800g
From $260.00

New Arrival : 51mm ~ 245mm, 1-1/4” UNC standard female thread.
Designed for CORE DRILLING hard cured concrete, granite, asphalt, masonry, paves, bricks. High quality Diamond Abrasives that are safe, drill well, are long lasting, and are not cheap to manufacture. Use this excellent commercial grade volumes across our entire range. These quality blades will significantly outlast unrealistically cheap competitor products.

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