Diamond File & Knife Hone

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Size & SKU Stock Weight Unit Price Qty
4x180x70mm taper round
Item: 128T-4R
In Stock 50g
From $8.00
4x8x180x70mm taper half circle
Item: 128T-4H
In Stock 50g
From $8.00
5x5x5x180x70mm taper triangle
Item: 128T-5T
In Stock 80g
From $8.00
5x9x180x70mm taper half circle
Item: 128T-5H
In Stock 80g
From $8.00
3x11x215x80mm taper half circle
Item: 128T-10H
In Stock 110g
From $15.00
6x6x215x80mm taper square
Item: 128T-6S
In Stock 100g
From $12.00
10x10x10x215x80mm taper triangle
Item: 128T-10T
In Stock 110g
From $15.00
3x20x215x60mm straight double side knife edge wooden handle
Item: 128S-20K
Out of Stock 130g
From $22.00
4x21x265x155mm taper flat/circle 600grit knife sharpener nice handle
Item: 128K-21H
In Stock 200g
From $30.00
5x20x225x100mm straight flat 600/800grit knife hone plastic folding handle
Item: 128K-20F
In Stock 70g
From $16.00
15x50x250x155mm straight flat 600/800grit knife hone plastic handle
Item: 128K-50F,
In Stock 160g
From $30.00

Synthetic diamond plated on a metal body.

Files (200/400grit) for grooving or breaking.

Knife hone (600/800grit) for lapping, sharpening.

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