Door Lock Mortice Jig

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Size & SKU Availability Weight Unit Price Qty
Max. 90 x 130mm 18/22/24mm Carbide Cutter
Item: DLM90130
In Stock 3000g
Priced from $180.00
M10 thread shank 24mm Carbide Cutter
Item: DLM-25
In Stock 100g
Priced from $15.00
M10 thread shank 22mm Carbide Cutter
Item: DLM-22
In Stock 90g
Priced from $15.00
M10 thread shank 18mm Carbide Cutter
Item: DLM-20
In Stock 80g
Priced from $15.00

Professional tool for locksmiths and carpenters, accurate on doors from 35mm to 100mm thick. Suitable for cutting mortices for lock body and for face plates, also can cut door hinge slots. Can be stored in a tool box, easy to carry and operate and improve work efficiency. Comes with 18/22/24mm carbide tipped wood cutter, suitable for most wooden doors.

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