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Dovetail Lever Clamp

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Dovetail Lever Clamp 60x200mm
Item: DTL60200
In Stock 600g
From $45.00
Bench Dog Pipe 19x65mm
Item: BDP19-65
In Stock 100g
From $5.00
Bench Dog Pipe 19x100mm
Item: BDP19-100
In Stock 150g
From $8.00

Throat Depth x Length

These Dovetail Lever Clamps feature an innovative new design that allows them to be slotted into a 5/16" T-Track or any groove made from a 14°, 1/2" Dovetail Router Bit (JL5405).

The clamp head fits into the track/groove opening up possibilities for how you can use your workspace.

Includes a stepped ratchet mechanism which is easy to operate, control, and can be released quickly. With the ergonomically shaped clamping arm, you can use just 2 fingers to create strong clamping force.

Optional tow 19(OD)x12(ID)x65mm and 19(OD)x12(ID)x100mm Bench Dog Pipes can be used provide an additional function of turning this Clamp into a reversed table clamp for use on 19mm (3/4") tabletop holes. Remove the end pin and shape the bar to fit in 12mm inside pipe and replace with M4 bolt/nut (Not included) to slide out and reverse to turn this into a handy table clamp.

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