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Angle Grinder Stand ( Suit 180/230 )

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Angle Grinder Stand to suit 180mm~230mm Angle Grinder
Item: TZ-6180
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From $95.00


Suitable for large size 180/230mm angle grinder.
Angle grinder special bracket, iron base, cutting dedicated, high strength spring, more tough, safer, 45 degree adjustable fixture, cutting more flexible.
Strength reinforcing lever with spring-return for comfortable, accurate work.
With robust slide and pivot mechanism and iron base plate.
Secure clamp even for oblique workpieces.
Quick lock button, press the yellow button can rotate the screw bolt out or in, for clamp article closed.
Multi-angle adjustable cutting, 0-45 angle cutting, max cutting width 90mm.
Aluminum bracket with a plastics -skidding handle for better cutting control.
Iron base screws or bolts to a workbench or stand.
The grinder holder securely holds your angle grinder for better control of the cutting wheel, essentially turning your grinder into a mini chop saw for precise cutting of rebar or tubing.

**Angle Grinder Not Included**

Model Number: -6180
DIY Supplies: Metalworking
Main Material: aluminum, iron
Application Machine: 180/230mm
Cutting Angle: 0-45°
Max Cutting Width: 90mm
Package Size: 330 * 300 * 180mm

Clamp Work Piece:
Rotate the screw knob and loosen the clamp, put work piece in the clamp and then tighten the screw to hold the work piece securely.
Adjust the position and angle of work piece.
Loosen the screws to adjust the position and angle of the clamp. Tighten the screws after the position is adjusted. Please ensure that the work piece should be in the centre of cutting dics.

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