Expanding Chuck / Ringcutter

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Ringcutter 1" (25mm) post.
Item: RPS2025
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60mm Jaw M30x3.5 thread
Item: EC60M30
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60mm Jaw 1"x10 thread
Item: EC60110
In Stock 900g
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The Expanding Chuck is a tool for small trays, vases and dishes. Simply drill a 60mm ( 3~6mm recess) blind hole on the wood. Loading the chuck requires a downward pressure in anti-clock wires direction until it locks.

The Ringcutter is an attachment for cutting rings from wood to be fabricated into objects for turning bowls, vases, canisters, etc. This allows you to save time and material. 

1. Select slow speed on the lathe. 

2.  Fix the Ringcutter into toolrest holder.(can be change any size post)

3. Prepare a disc of wood and fit to head stock with expending chuck. 

4. Set the Ringcutter to required angle and rotate disc by hand to makes sure it clears cutter.

5. Proceed to cut rings - cutting first from the right then from the left so the ring rolls off to the right and sits safely on the fixture.

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