Fast-Joint Precision Joinery System

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up to 14" wide. 4 templates are included
Item: FPJ9401
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From $160.00

Use this system to quickly set up your router bit into the router table for joinery. To create a joint all you have to do is install the male template on one side of the jig platform and then install the female template on the other side. The hardest part about the Fast-joint System is choosing what type of joint you want to make.

This system includes:

"Heart" Template Set, "Half-Blind" Dovetail Template Set, 14º "Thru Dovetail" Template, "Key" Template Sets

Fast Joint Aluminum Jig Platform with all of the necessary hardware: Three Toggle Clamps, Two Spring Clamps, 3/16" Solid Carbide Spiral Upcut Bit, 5mm CT Straight Bit, 14° CT Dovetail Router Bit, One Standard .308" OD Bushing, Tighter fit .311" OD Bushing, spring lock washer for bushing, Dovetail 7/16" OD Bushing, Brass Centering Pin, 3/8" x 3/8" Brass Set Up Bar.

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