Luban Plane Replacement Blade

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Size & SKU Stock Weight Unit Price Qty
32x88mm suit QSBP102 or QSBP103 bronze block plane (slotted)
Item: RPB3288.
In Stock 50g
From $23.00
35x113mm suit QSP201 block plane
Item: RPB35113
In Stock 60g
From $28.00
35x114mm suit QSP211 low angle block plane (slotted)
Item: RPB35114.
In Stock 60g
From $30.00
45x115mm suit QSP221 shoulder plane
Item: RPB45115
In Stock 65g
From $32.00
1-3/4"(44x180mm) for #3 plane
Item: RPB44180
In Stock 80g
From $35.00
2"(51x180mm) for #4 #5 plane
Item: RPB51180
In Stock 90g
From $40.00
2-3/8"(60x180mm) for #6 #7 plane
Item: RPB60180
In Stock 100g
From $48.00

These Luban Plane Blades are high quality replacement blades made of T10 Tool Steel. They are 3.18mm thick blades and are 17% thicker than standard blades, allowing closer throat-opening settings, finer shavings, and reduced chatter.

Fits Stanley, Bailey, Record, Footprint, and most other planes.

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