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Key Hole Cutter Bit

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D9.5mm x d6.3mm x h4.2mm x 1/4" Shank
Item: JL5438
In Stock 30g
From $14.00
D12.7mm x d9.5mm x h5mm x 1/4" Shank
Item: JL5439
In Stock 40g
From $17.00
D9.5mm x d6.3mm x h4.7mm x 1/2" Shank
Item: JL7738
In Stock 50g
From $15.00
D13mm x d9.5mm x h4.7mm x 1/2" Shank
Item: JL7739
In Stock 60g
From $18.00

Large Diameter x Small Diameter x Cut Kerf x Carbide Height x Shank

2 flute, Carbide Tipped. Plunging the bit produces 3/8" or 1/2" hole and moving the router creates a T-slot which will accept the head of a screw or nail.

Used for hanging pictures, plaques, clocks, brackets, etc. flush to the wall without additional hardware.

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