Lathe Fluting Guide w/ Rocky 30 Router

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Fluting Guide kit only for bench 580mm (Without Router)
Item: LFG580
In Stock 5800g
From $99.00
Fluting Guide kit with Rocky 30 1/4" Router
Item: LFGR1/4
In Stock 7500g
From $195.00

With this Lathe Mounted Fluting Guide (Router included) you can add style, design, and a new dimension to your turnings. This accessory allows you to decorate your spindles, vases, handles, and other turnings with decorative flutes - taking advantage of that wonderful indexing feature on your lathe that sat idle until now!

Make flutes or perfectly straight cuts or tapers with a professional flair with this versatile guide. The guide's platform mounts to the bed of a split bed lathe 18 in. or longer.It includes a support / guide for a trim router that adjusts to cut flutes on lathes with swings from 8 in. to 16 in.

Use V or Cove Router bits to cut your flutes, or use a straight bit for rounding. The system includes: Guide platform, Trim Router transport guide, Rocky30 Trim Router, and (1) Core router bit.

Lathe not included. For Detailed Instructions click here.

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