Layout / Centering Template

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200mm with 10mm increments
Item: LCT-200
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10" with 1" Increments
Item: CEF1
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300mm with 10mm Increments
Item: LCT-300
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This Easy Align Layout and Centering Template is great for laying out bowls, trays and platters. It can also be used for laying out standard circles up to 10" for many different projects.

All you need to do is tap a small nail through the center hole, insert a pencil in your choice of diameter hole ( Marks circles from 0 to 200mm / 300mm in 10mm increments, 0 ~ 1" to 10" in 1" increments), then pivot around the center point to make your circle mark.

Made from clear acrylic and marked for easy index identification.

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