Luban Smoothing Plane #4-1/2 #5-1/2 (Stainless Steel Lever Cap)

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#4-1/2 x L 265mm, Blade W 60mm. Stainless Lever Cap & Knob
Item: QSP453
In Stock 3000g
From $259.00
#5-1/2 x L 375mm, Blade W 60mm. Stainless Lever Cap & Knob
Item: QSP553
In Stock 3400g
From $299.00
Luban Replacement Blade 60 x 180mm for #4-1/2 #5-1/2 plane
Item: RPB60180-1
In Stock 100g
From $50.00

For #3 Plane Replacement Blade 44x180mm Item: RPB44180

For #4 #5 Plane Replacement Blade 51x180mm Item: RPB51180

For #4-1/2 #5-1/2 Plane Replacement Blade 60x180mm Item: RPB60180

These Luban Smoothing Planes are popular planes known for their high quality and smooth chatter free operation. With a durable cast iron body, bubinga handle and quality stainless or parts, this plane is built to last.

The plane is perfect as the final smoothing of a surface already worked on by other planes or a thickness planer ensuring an exquisite finish. 

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