Machine Vice

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Size & SKU Stock Weight Unit Price Qty
Jaw80 x W100 x H95 x L230mm
Item: QH-80
In Stock 10000g
From $120.00
Jaw100 x W120 x H115 x L270mm
Item: QH-100
In Stock 16000g
From $135.00
Jaw100 x W245 x H132 x L400mm
Item: QG-100
In Stock 23000g
From $185.00
Jaw125 x W150 x H135 x L310mm
Item: QH-125
In Stock 21000g
From $175.00
Jaw125 x W260 x H140 x L430mm
Item: QG-125
In Stock 28000g
From $215.00
Jaw150 x W290 x H155 x L480mm
Item: QG-150
In Stock 39000g
From $295.00
ITEM NO. Width of jaw (mm) Height of jaw (mm) Max. opening (mm)
GH-100 100 35 80
QH-125 125 40 100
QG-125 125 38 110
QG-150 150 45 140
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