Mitred Door Frame Bit

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45mm x 75mm x 1/2" Shank
Item: WL1953
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Large Diameter x Carbide Height x Shank

Use this bit to create dramatic rail and stile doors, picture or mirror frames, chair rails, crown moldings or other decorative trims. Combine with any raised panel router bit to create highly decorative raised panel doors that until now have only been available through high end cabinet shops.

Use a 1/4" slot cutter to create the slot for the raised panel or a rabbeting bit to make glass panel doors, mirrors or picture frames. The stock is mitered at 45º, glued and biscuit joined to create a sturdy secure joint.

These bits are designed to work with 2-13/16" wide stock and a recommended thickness of at least 19mm. For cup hinges, use 25mm thick stock (minimum). Use in a 1/2" table mounted router.

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