Ovolo Bit

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R3mm x 10mm x 4mm x 1/4"Shank
Item: JL6471
In Stock 50g
From $15.00
R4mm x 13mm x 5mm x 1/4"Shank
Item: JL6472
In Stock 50g
From $16.00
R4mm x 13mm x 5mm x 1/2"Shank
Item: JL8772
In Stock 50g
From $20.00
R5mm x 16mm x 6mm x 1/4"Shank
Item: JL6473
In Stock 60g
From $18.00
R6mm x 19mm x 7mm x 1/4"Shank
Item: JL6474-1
In Stock 60g
From $20.00
R6.3mm x 19mm x 6.3mm x 1/2"Shank
Item: JL8774
In Stock 60g
From $22.00
R6.3mm x 25mm x 12mm x 1/4"Shank
Item: JL6474
In Stock 60g
From $22.00
R9mm x 25mm x 7mm x 1/2"Shank
Item: JL8775
In Stock 70g
From $28.00
R9.5mm x 32mm x 13mm x 1/4"Shank
Item: JL6475
In Stock 70g
From $24.00
R12mm x 38mm x 14mm x 1/4"Shank
Item: JL6476
In Stock 70g
From $26.00
R16mm x 45mm x 12mm x 1/2"Shank
Item: JL8777
In Stock 80g
From $32.00
R19mm x 51mm x 13mm x 1/2"Shank
Item: JL8778
In Stock 90g
From $36.00

Radius x Large Diameter x Small Diameter x Shank

2 flute, carbide tipped. Will plunge cutting flat bottom. For carving decorative grooves and edge forming.

With multiple passes, beautiful moldings and raised panels can be created.

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