DURATEC Parallel Clamp

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Size & SKU Stock Weight Unit Price Qty
80 x 400mm
Item: DT8980400
In Stock 2500g
From $35.00
90 x 600mm Heavy duty
Item: DT6900600
In Stock 3100g
From $59.00
90 x 800mm Heavy duty
Item: DT8990800
In Stock 3600g
From $69.00
90 x 1000mm Heavy duty
Item: DT89901000
In Stock 4500g
From $79.00
90 x 1200mm Heavy duty (pick up only)
Item: DT89901200
In Stock 5200g
From $89.00

Maximum Jaw Depth x Maximum Length Capacity

These new and improved Parallel Clamp comes with a heavy duty bar and spindle.

The durable parallel jaws are made from engineered plastic with soft plastic cushions to protect the workpiece surface. The jaws come with a large contact surface to allow even clamping pressure.

Also features a non-slip handle that allows easy adjustment by lifting it.

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