Pen Drill Bit

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6.8 x 105mm Brad point
Item: PDB6.8
In Stock 50g
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6.9 x 105mm Brad point
Item: PDB6.9
In Stock 50g
From $5.00
7.0 x 105mm Brad point
Item: PDB7.0
In Stock 50g
From $5.00
7.1 x 105mm Brad point
Item: PDB7.1
In Stock 50g
From $5.00
8.0 x 105mm Brad point
Item: PDB8
In Stock 60g
From $6.00
9.5 x 150mm Brad point
Item: PDB9.5
In Stock 65g
From $7.00
10 x 130mm Brad Point
Item: PDB10
In Stock 70g
From $8.00
10.5 x 150mm Brad Point
Item: PDB10.5
In Stock 75g
From $9.00
7/16" (11.2x150mm) Brad Point
Item: PDB11.2
In Stock 75g
From $10.00
12 x 150mm Brad Point
Item: PDB12
In Stock 80g
From $12.00
31/64" (12.3X150mm) Normal Drill Bit
Item: PDB12.3
In Stock 85g
From $12.00
13x150mm (9.5mm Shank) Brad Point
Item: PDB13
In Stock 90g
From $13.00

The HSS drill bits are the perfect tool for drilling out your pen blanks and meet the needs of pen makers. Designed especially for turning projects, these precision ground bits drill quickly and cleanly through end grain and acrylic without breakout on entrance or exit. The extra sharp lands and flutes provide precision sized holes in your pen blanks with fewer lost blanks. Featuring deep smooth flutes for superior chip extraction, eliminating burning and jamming.

Normal length brand point bits drilling hole in pen blanks. 6.9mm is right size to fit standard pen mechanism 7mm brass tube.

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