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Turn Between Center Multi Mandrel Kit MT2

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16pc/set, 1-Driver, 1-Live saver, 7-Pr. Mandrels
Item: UMMT2-16P
In Stock 1100g
From $99.00

Mount your bushings onto the pins, mount your pen blank, then bring the tailstock forward to secure your blank between centers. Ideal for single tube pen styles for #2 Morse Taper Lathes, Turn more accurate, consistent and concentric pen barrels with this one of a kind mandrel system. The Turn Between Centers mandrel rides on 2 centers rather than a typical rod Ð so more dead on turning. There is no mandrel shaft to bend so your turned barrel will eliminate an out of round blank, producing a blank that mates precisely with your pen parts.

16pcs/set includes:    one of MT2 driver ( headstock ) and one of MT2 live saver ( tailstock )  , seven size inserts each with two similar mandrel shaft pins:      6.2mm, 7.2mm, 9.6mm, 9.8mm, 10.9mm, 11.5mm, 13.9mm.

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