Pen Mill Pilot Shaft

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6.2 x 100mm Slimline / Streamline
Item: PM1006.2
In Stock 200g
From $10.00
7.1 x 100mm Slimline / Streamline (No Tub)
Item: PM1007
In Stock 200g
From $10.00
8.7 x 100mm (Bullet)
Item: PM1008
In Stock 250g
From $10.00
3/8" 9.5 x 100mm (Bolt Action)
Item: PM1009.5
Out of Stock 250g
From $10.00
10 x 100mm (Cigar)
Item: PM10010
In Stock 300g
From $10.00
10.5 x 100mm (Sierra, JB, Castellar)
Item: PM10010.5
Out of Stock 300g
From $10.00

For dressing the end of pen blank. Slide the post into the pen barrel and rotate to mill the ends square.   

Note:  Standard brass tube outside dia. 7mm inside dia. 6.3mm. So PM1006.2 are more popular.
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