Plug Cutter Long Series

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1/4" x 110mm Long
Item: 1064-1/4
In Stock 70g
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3/8" x 110mm
Item: 1064-3/8
In Stock 80g
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1/2" x 110mm
Item: 1064-1/2
In Stock 90g
From $20.00
3/4" x 110mm
Item: 1064-3/4
In Stock 120g
From $22.00
1-1/4" x 110mm
Item: 1064-1-1/4
In Stock 200g
From $28.00
1-1/2" x 110mm
Item: 1064-1-1/2
Out of Stock 230g
From $30.00
1-3/4" x 110mm
Item: 1064-1-3/4
In Stock 270g
From $35.00
2" x 110mm
Item: 1064-2
In Stock 300g
From $40.00
2-1/2" x 110mm
Item: 1064-2/1/2
In Stock 400g
From $45.00
3" x 110mm
Item: 1064-3
In Stock 600g
From $50.00

Internal Diameter x Overall Length

Made of High Carbon Steel, these Plug Cutters are 110mm long overall as opposed to standard plug cutters which are 52mm long.

Note: Sizes are internal diameter: 1/4" x 52mm will therefore make 1/4" plugs etc.

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