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PU Round Belt

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Size & SKU Stock Weight Unit Price Qty
3mm x 1000mm
Item: PRB31000
In Stock 20g
From $8.00
4mm x 1000mm
Item: PRB41000
In Stock 30g
From $9.00
5mm x 1000mm
Item: PRB51000
In Stock 40g
From $10.00
6mm x 1000mm
Item: PRB61000
In Stock 50g
From $11.00
7mm x 1000mm
Item: PRB71000
In Stock 60g
From $12.00
8mm x 1000mm
Item: PRB81000
In Stock 70g
From $13.00
9mm x 1000mm
Item: PRB91000
In Stock 80g
From $14.00
10mm x 1000mm
Item: PRB101000
In Stock 100g
From $15.00

These Polyurethane Round Belt feature excellent bending, abrasion and wear resistant properties. Its easy to connect joints at high heat while not easily broken at low temperature.

Fuel and oil resistant and anti static with a glossy surface.

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