One Handed Quick Action Clamp

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30 x 100mm (orange)
Item: QRC30100
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60 x 200mm (orange)
Item: QRC60200
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60 x 300mm (orange)
Item: QRC60300
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70 x 200mm (red)
Item: QRC70200
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70 x 300mm (red)
Item: QRC70300
In Stock 500g
From $17.00
70 x 450mm (red)
Item: QRC70450
In Stock 700g
From $19.00
80 x 150mm (yellow)
Item: QRC-8006
In Stock 600g
From $18.00
80 x 300mm (yellow)
Item: QRC-8012
In Stock 650g
From $20.00
80 x 450mm (yellow)
Item: QRC-8018
In Stock 750g
From $22.00
80 x 600mm (yellow)
Item: QRC-8024
In Stock 900g
From $25.00

The Quick Action Clamp features a handy pistol trigger design that will tighten the clamp incrementally allowing one handed use. To release, it has a small button for the thumb to press for easy positioning in one movement. 

With a strong plastic body and handle this new design is ergonomic and ideal for delicate work that requires light clamping pressure. Also has replaceable non-marring pads to protect the finish of your workpiece.

Note: The colours indicate slight design changes with no significant differences to the operation of the clamps.

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