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Silver Steel Rod (Metric)

From $6.00
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Size & SKU Stock Weight Unit Price Qty
2mm x 300mm
Item: SS02M
In Stock 30g
From $6.00
4mm x 300mm
Item: SS04M
In Stock 50g
From $9.00
6mm x 300mm
Item: SS06M
In Stock 120g
From $12.00
7mm x 500mm
Item: SS07M
In Stock 150g
From $16.00
8mm x 300mm
Item: SS08M
In Stock 230g
From $17.00
10mm x 300mm
Item: SS10M
In Stock 300g
From $20.00
12mm x 330mm
Item: SS12M
In Stock 450g
From $28.00
14mm x 330mm
Item: SS14M
In Stock 400g
From $32.00
16mm x 330mm
Item: SS16M
In Stock 500g
From $50.00
20mm x 330mm
Item: SS20M
In Stock 700g
From $60.00

Diameter x Overall Length

Quality Silver Steel with an exceptionally high surface finish. For maximum hardness, (66 Rockwell “C” or 850 DPN), heat to 770ºC - 790ºC. Soak till uniform then quench in clean water or preferably 10% brine solution. 

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