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Vice Screw / Nut / Flange / T-handle / Hand wheel

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Size & SKU Stock Weight Unit Price Qty
7" 170mm Wheel Handle, 26mm Acme x 500mm
Item: TVSW7-500
In Stock 5200g
From $78.00
8" 190mm Wheel Handle, 26mm Acme x 500mm
Item: TVSW8-500.
In Stock 5500g
From $83.00
26mm Acme Screw, 500mm Length (20mm shank)
Item: VS26500-20
In Stock 1700g
From $30.00
26mm Acme Nut, 80x80 Square 50mm Height
Item: VSN26-20
In Stock 600g
From $15.00
Flange 20mm Bore 80mm Dia. 8mm Thick
Item: VSF880-20
In Stock 300g
From $10.00
T-Handle Connector 20mm (27mm)
Item: VSTH27-20
In Stock 500g
From $10.00
7" 170mm Hand Wheel 20mm Bore (M8 Grab screw)
Item: VSHW170-20
In Stock 1000g
From $38.00
8" 190mm Hand Wheel 20mm Bore (M8 Grab Screw)
Item: VSHW190-20
In Stock 1400g
From $43.00

The Tail Vice Screw is similar to a shoulder vice screw but does not have an end guide allowing you to directly attach this to 26mm Acme-Thread screw. This allows the Tail Vice Screw to go deep into a workbench.

TVSW500: 26mm x 5TPI Acme-Thread screw, 480mm capacity, 500mm overall. 7" 170mm Cast Iron Wheel.

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