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Three Stage Drawer Slider

From $10.00
In stock
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Size & SKU Stock Weight Unit Price Qty
10" 250mm Zinc. ( pack2 )
Item: DS3-250
In Stock 1400g
From $10.00
12" 300mm Zinc.( pack2 )
Item: DS3-300
In Stock 1600g
From $11.00
14" 350mm Zinc.( pack2 )
Item: DS3-350
In Stock 1800g
From $12.00
16" 400mm Zinc.( pack2 )
Item: DS3-400
In Stock 2000g
From $13.00
18" 450mm Zinc.( pack2 )
Item: DS3-450
In Stock 2200g
From $14.00
20" 500mm Zinc.( pack2 )
Item: DS3-500
In Stock 2400g
From $15.00
22" 550mm Zinc.( pack2 )
Item: DS3-550
In Stock 2600g
From $16.00
24" 600mm Zinc.( pack2 )
Item: DS3-600
In Stock 2800g
From $17.00
26" 650mm Zinc.( pack2 )
Item: DS3-650
In Stock 3000g
From $18.00

These Zinc Heavy duty three stage sliders will take 450kg loading. This full extension drawer slides on ball bearings for smooth opening.

Suitable for Kitchen Furniture, Home Cabinets, Box Drawers, Desk and Storage Drawers and File Drawers 

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