T-Slot Fasteners with Bolt for Fixed 90° Connections

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M6 x 19mm x 10mm for 2020 (Pack 4)
Item: TFA-2020
In Stock 40g
From $10.00
M8 x 27mm x 16mm for 3030 (Pack 4)
Item: TFA-3030
In Stock 60g
From $12.00
M8 x 35mm x 17.2mm for 4040 (Pack 4)
Item: TFA-3030-1
In Stock 80g
From $14.00

Bolt Thread x Fastener Length x Fastener Width

These T-Slot Fasteners offer a perfect solution for connecting profiles in permanent, fixed positions. They provide outstanding resistance to displacement and torsion.

These aluminium profile fasteners are remarkable for their low machining requirements and cost-effectiveness. When using the one-sided variant of the Standard Fastener, panels don’t need to be specially machined before they can be fitted into the groove.

To install:

1. Cut thread into end piece (Use our drill & tap bits for one step)

2. Install fastener onto end piece using the bolt.

3. Drill a hole through the perpendicular piece 20mm from the end.

4. Slide in end piece with the fastener into the perpendicular slot and use the drilled hole to tighten the bolt.

Note: Fasteners are sold in packs of 4.

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