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Ultimate Metal Working Fluid

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1Litre of fluid add 20Litres of water
Item: XDP1000.
In Stock 1000g
From $20.00

The Excision METALIUM XDP1000 is a mineral Bio Stable Water Soluble Cutting Fluid. It has been developed as an economical cutting fluid that can be used on a wide range of machines, for ferrous and nonferrous metals. A carefully formulated chemical package has been added to the mineral based oil to increase the life of the coolant in the sump. Extreme Pressure additives have been included to increase tool life in demanding machining operations and produce excellent surface finishes. When added to water, it forms a stable milky solution providing excellent emulsion. It has been tested in almost all hard waters and has proven exceptionally stable. It has excellent Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, and Reduced Foam Properties. 

Rust Protector - Antibacterial - Antifungal - Chlorine - Nitrate and Silicone Free - Easy on Hands. This 1L satchel creates 21L of cutting fluid. 

Made in Australia

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