Universal Index Attachment

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8" Height Adjustable, 3" Plate 1"x8TPI
Item: UIA200
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From $55.00

The Universal Indexing Attachment allows you to add the benefit of indexing to lathes that do not have an indexing mechanism built in.

With the ability to Index, you can now easily segment spindles, bowls or pens and provide uniform decoration and fluting segments to your turning. (24 Indexing Holes)

Requirements for Lathe compatibility: split bed, 1" x 8TPI headstock Spindle, swing range of 10" to 16". allows most chucks, centers, and other headstock attachments to mount, along with the indexing wheel, without interference. Indexing wheel is 1/2" in depth and 3" in diameter. 24 indexing positions allow segments of 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12.

Can also be used without the indexing wheel if your chuck or faceplate has matching indexing holes or grooves. Lathe not included.

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