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#240/#400 (Grey/Green) 180x60x27.2mm
Item: T0850W
In Stock 700g
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#800/#2000 (Brown/White) 180x60x27.2mm
Item: T0915W
In Stock 700g
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#5000(White) 180x60x14.5mm
Item: T0912W
In Stock 380g
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Waterstones are synthetic stones designed to be softer than oil stones. These softer grade stones are used with water as the lubricant (versus oil) to develop fast-cutting slurry.Stones may need flattening with some frequency. Combination Stones provide double the grit and reduce the cost of getting started with Water stones,

240/400 Grit: Quickly sharpens damaged or neglected edge.
600/1000 Grit: A fine grit that cuts fast but does not polish.
5000 Grit: Provides a polished, smooth edge.

Equipped with a silica gel non-slip base for extra safety.

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