Wood Threading Tool (Head Stock)

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Fit 3/8" MT.2 Shank (M10 thread)
Item: DAMT2-3/8
In Stock 500g
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3/8" collet chuck with M30x3.5 thread
Item: WTC3035
In Stock 800g
From $60.00
3/8" collet chuck with 1"x8 thread
Item: WTC18
In Stock 800g
From $60.00
3/8" collet chuck with 1"x10 Thread
Item: WTC110
In Stock 800g
From $60.00
60° equal angle D20x7mmx10Tx3/8" shank
Item: 127820-60.
In Stock 100g
From $30.00

Make turning cases and cans with the screw cap much easier. This Wood Threading Kit is design to attach to the lathe bed and stand by the spindle of the lathe.

This allows you to screw timber into different diameters making it adaptable to virtually all lathes that exist on the market. The chuck fits ER16 spring collets 3/8" tightly holding 60° equal angle cutter 3/8" shanks safely and securely. 

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