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Morse Taper Shank Drill Bit

From $15.00
In stock
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Size & SKU Stock Weight Unit Price Qty
8mm MT.1
Item: 100T108
In Stock 150g
From $15.00
9mm MT.1
Item: 100T109
In Stock 150g
From $16.00
10mm MT.1
Item: 100T110
In Stock 150g
From $17.00
11mm MT.1
Item: 100T111
In Stock 180g
From $18.00
12mm MT.1
Item: 100T112
In Stock 180g
From $19.00
13.8mm MT.1
Item: 100T113
In Stock 180g
From $20.00
14.5mm MT.2
Item: 100T214.5
In Stock 200g
From $22.00
15mm MT.2
Item: 100T215
In Stock 220g
From $23.00
15.875mm MT.2
Item: 100T25/8"
In Stock 220g
From $24.00
17mm MT.2
Item: 100T217
In Stock 250g
From $25.00
18mm MT.2
Item: 100T218
In Stock 300g
From $26.00
19mm MT.2
Item: 100T219
In Stock 350g
From $28.00
20mm MT.2
Item: 100T220
In Stock 400g
From $30.00
21mm MT.2
Item: 100T221
In Stock 480g
From $33.00
22mm MT.2
Item: 100T222
In Stock 560g
From $36.00
23mm MT.2
Item: 100T223
In Stock 640g
From $40.00
24mm MT.3
Item: 100T324
In Stock 720g
From $45.00
25mm MT.3
Item: 100T325
In Stock 800g
From $50.00
26mm MT.3
Item: 100T326
In Stock 880g
From $55.00
27mm MT.3
Item: 100T327
In Stock 1000g
From $60.00
28mm MT.3
Item: 100T328
In Stock 1100g
From $65.00
29mm MT.3
Item: 100T329
In Stock 1200g
From $70.00
30mm MT.3
Item: 100T330
In Stock 1300g
From $80.00
32mm MT.4
Item: 100T432
In Stock 1400g
From $95.00
34mm MT.4
Item: 100T434
In Stock 1500g
From $105.00
36mm MT.4
Item: 100T434.
In Stock 1700g
From $115.00
38mm MT.4
Item: 100T438
In Stock 2000g
From $128.00
40mm MT.4
Item: 100T440
In Stock 2500g
From $145.00
45mm MT.4
Item: 100T445
Out of Stock 3000g
From $195.00
50mm MT.4
Item: 100T450
Out of Stock 3500g
From $249.00
54mm MT.5
Item: 100T454
In Stock 5000g
From $295.00
60mm MT.5
Item: 100T565
In Stock 6500g
From $310.00
62mm MT.5
Item: 100T562
In Stock 7000g
From $265.00
64mm MT.5
Item: 100T564
In Stock 8000g
From $295.00
68mm MT.5
Item: 100T568
In Stock 8800g
From $355.00
70mm MT.5
Item: 100T570
In Stock 9500g
From $365.00
74mm MT.5
Item: 100T574
In Stock 10000g
From $425.00
76mm MT.5
Item: 100T576
In Stock 11000g
From $485.00

Diameter x MT Shank

High Speed Steel MT Shank Drill bits with tang.

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