Luban Rebate Block Plane

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Luban Block Plane 45mm x 155mm. Cast iron body brass lever cap & bronze knobs
Item: QSP221
In Stock 1200g
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Luban Replacement Blade 45 x 115mm suits QSP221 plane
Item: RPB45115-1
In Stock 65g
From $32.00

This finely crafted Luban rebate block plane is designed to plane right up to an edge line and is great for cleaning up tenon shoulders - it's a versatile tool with low angle end grain cutting ability and flush cutting in hard to reach areas. It can be used on end grain or for paring cross grain as often required on tenon cheeks, planeing along the grain.

The Luban Planes have developed an excellent reputation as high quality tools amongst woodworkers around the world.

Features a 12 degree angle for the blade and cast iron body, brass cap and knobs.

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